Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Parlez-vous le fran├žais ?

It's all Mariah's fault!! She's so into school... and loving it! I can't remember the last time I took a class that wasn't work-related. This was on and unfulfilled on my New Year's Resolutions radar for so long, that it finally dropped off.

Well, better late than never!! I go to France so often that it's a shame I cannot communicate with Imee's kids, especially Elisa, my own Godchild. I'm her one and only Godmother! (Most Filipinos opt for 20+ Godparents, so you just get lost in a crowd) It makes me feel so darn special and I want to be able to talk and converse with her as she becomes a little girl and young lady.

I start next Monday at Alliance Francaise de Portland. Wish me luck! Or as the French say: "Me souhaiter la chance!"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Ferrie and I decided that she should celebrate her last week here in beautiful Portland - before heading out to System Test in Pleasanton (lucky sod!) - by going out to a downtown bar! (It only took her 3 months...)

Anyway, we talked a lot about work, boys, folks at work, guys, folks at DC, men... (you get the picture) when all of a sudden I straighten up!! There was a bunch of cute Portland cops coming through the door. She notices that I sit up in attention and asks what's going on? She didn't turn around. I told her that a shitload of cops were coming into the bar... hell!! we could share 2 or 3 (OK, I really didn't say that outloud.. uh.. that was the drink talking...)

They walk in slowly and draw out their guns. I was thought.. "Well, not really my style, but hell, I'm feeling adventurous! (again, the drink talking..) Suddenly this... kinda sad-looking, white-bearded guy with his arms up comes out of the little coat room at the side of the bar. His chest is all lit up with dancing red dots. They immediately take him outside and put one of those plastic handcuffs on him.

It was a strange sight to have all these cute cops, this poor dude and nobody in the bar moving. We ended the night on a fairly high note, laughing all the way back to the hotel lobby. Gonna miss ya Ferrie, come back and visit us soon - ya hear!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Jenn in her PJs in Public

Once in a while, we all have nights when things don't go right. Not all the way wrong, but not quiet right either. I volunteered to go downtown afterwork to get another co-worker a gift certificate for her birthday. Anyway, it was a long day... I'm thinking about so many stuff... and I pass my stop on the light rail. No biggie, get off the next stop, get back on. I get back on, I get off, I get on the street car, get off again, walk 7 blocks to the restaurant.

At the restaurant, I wanted to get an $80 gift certificate, only to have a nice... "discussion" with the owner who said that $80 was too much and that he would gladly give me a $60 gift certificate. I know what you are thinking: "Jenny's gonna go for the jugular... this is gonna be good!" I smiled and enthusiatically said, "You know, that sounds great!" He happily started to get the paperwork together. I didn't have the heart or energy to argue with... basically a sweet and kind man.

Karma was not any kinder for the rest of the night. I walk back, headed towards the Whole Foods Market I passed earlier. I pick up some endamame, sushi-to-go and some petit fours. I take the street car, the light rail and walk back to my hotel. I settle into my favorite pink striped pajamas and white tank top. I decide to treat myself to hotel movie: Pride & Predjudice and enjoy it more than I thought I would. Despite my friend Emma's ardent proclamations that Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy, I have to say that Matthew Macfaydan makes a fine Mr. Darcy.

Thirsty for an ice cold Pear soda, I decide to put the movie on pause and get some ice. I quickly grab my hotel card key and headed out with my ice bucket. A minute later, I return to find that the card key won't open my door. I set the bucket down and head towards the elevator to look for a hotel phone. Nothing. Shit.

At this point, I'm cursing quietly to myself. (OK, not so quietly.) My temperature is starting to rise. I have no choice. With only a semi-see-through tank top, lace bra, thin pink pjs and bare-footed, I stepped into the elevator. I made a wish hoping no one was downstairs or in the lobby, but I knew that fate has a sense of humor. I took a deep breath as I stepped out of the elevator. There were four men coming back from dinner in deep conversation, but just stopped talking and gave cheesy grins at the sight of me.

I tipped-toed towards the registration desk and pass the onlookers at the hotel bar. The guys at the front desk could barely maintain their amusement. Normally, I am in my office wear, tonight my privates were practically on display. "I... uh.. locked myself out of my room while getting ice. Why the hell don't you guys have a phone on each floor?!" Andre composedly answered, "How else can we get you to come down and visit us?" He actually didn't really laugh and I was genuinely surprised at how very professional he was during this strange transaction. Somehow, it did make me feel better.

Andre handed me my new hotel key and I quickly made my way back to the hotel. There was one other guy I boarded the elevator. Why do they have to be cute ones?!! My cheeks burned red enough for me to burst out and explain my unlucky predicament to this total stranger. Who, like any road warrior, just wanted to get to his room and really didn't want to make small talk with a crazy, half-naked lady. (Well, most ;) Anyway, I made it back to my room safe and sound, but sweating from embarassment.

My only solace thereafter was the last 20 minutes of Pride and Prejudice. Great chick flick... and you know, I don't like chick flicks.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Vegas Weekend #2

My second visit to Vegas this year has my mom showing me a condo community. I humored her, but with all the incentives being offered...well, having a Vegas abode has it's benefits. It would be in a gated community, the floor plan is pretty spacious, all the kitchen appliances are included. I started thinking: could I do this? I called Rich & James for their opinion. James was against the idea, citing several good reasons...but am still deciding.

Camp flew down from Seattle and we had our typical Vegas weekend: Fine dining (at Emeril's Delmonicos and Wolfgang Puck's Postrio - both at the Venetian), some awesome massages at the Canyon Ranch Spa (also at the Venetian), outlet shopping at Las Vegas Premium Outlet and the shops at Stateline and our usual gambling. Any guy who loves to outlet shop - especially with me - is a good thing! It was a losing weekend for both us, as far as gambling. Single Deck black jack took most of our cash, I only recovered a fraction at the Roulette Table.

We had fun, nevertheless!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Never Make Your Move Too Soon

Barbara Morrison and Jenny at the San Francisco Lindy Exchange

I am sitting here at work trying to get through all this work.
My iPod is my only friend and comrade.

I am listening and loving Barbara Morrison and love the lines from one of her songs, Never Make Your Move Too Soon. I thought and laughed to myself... this lady... she's singing the story of my life:

"I take my love with me everywhere
come back home and they're still there.
I've got one love ahead,
one love behind,
one in my bed,
and one always on my mind.
You know what people?
I never make my move too soon...."

Monday, March 20, 2006

Music calms the savage beast...

I don't know what's going on with my system. I can't seem to kick this virus. Last weekend, I took it easy. I thought I was getting better. Then on Saturday, it hit me again. I woke up with a sick stomach, nauseated and I had a splitting headache. I had so many dry heaves that I almost started to cry. I'm just so sick of being sick.

Anyway, that morning, I had an unexpected visitor. My friend Mike. For those who don't know, I met Mike over three years ago. It was at a PBDA dance. JP Monche was playing that night, I was dancing and for some reason, I looked up on stage and caught the gaze and quiet smile of the keyboard player. JP Monche I've seen and danced to plenty of time, but, I've never seen this guy before. Truth be told, he seemed fairly young to be in that band.

I tried to sneak peeks up at him on stage throughout that night only to be met with the same nice smile. I blushed each time our eyes caught each other. After the dance, when we were all saying our good-byes, Mike lingered beside our group. I took a deep breath and turned around, said hello and that I enjoyed his playing. We introduced each other and he asked what I was doing after the dance. I explained that our gang is heading out to Conrad's restaurant and invited him to join us. He said he might and well, we left it at that.

Later that evening, amidst a rousing discussion at our table, Mike suddenly showed up. Everyone turned around and was wondering why this guy was just standing there. I hadn't noticed because I was talking to someone beside me. When everyone suddenly got quiet I looked up. He was already looking at me, waiting for me to finish my conversation. Everyone else turned to where he was looking and all were developing this sheepish grin. For one awkward moment I blushed I bright red before I introduced Mike to the group with a "Hey, we've got a band member joining us, make room!"

The sad part was that Mike sat down directly opposite of me. We couldn't talk but tried our own funny version of sign language. After dinner, we headed out to the parking lot. Since Kyle was my ride, we only had a few minutes to catch up and exchange phone numbers/emails.

We went out a few times after that. He's a quiet man with some very unique insights in life. I find spending time with him very relaxing and stress-free. However, with both of us traveling for work, time together was rare. To this day, he remains a good friend.

This past weekend, he visited me on the one day that I could barely get up. I owed him a belated Christmas present and he came to pick it up. I got him one of those Roll-O-Pianos... and was wondering if he would like it our not. As I lay on the couch bundled up with only my nose and eyes peeking out, he rolled the little rubber flat keyboard out and started to play for me. It instantly warmed my heart and was so thankful for the good and wonderful feelings it brought. I felt peaceful. He only played for a few minutes, making sure not to tire me out. In fact, I was starting to fall asleep.

He left in hopes to catch me when I am feeling better. I am blogging this to say how thankful I am for his visit, his talents and most of all, his friendship.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snow in Portland

It looked like a blizzard this morning. Kinda neat. I don't see falling snow enough, it's truly mezmerizing.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jenn and the Winter Hawks

I just came back to my desk where someone just dropped a ticket to a hockey game tonight. I guess I'm going. Hockey's not my cup a tea, but beer, hot dogs and testosterone-filled stadiums are. ;) I'll let you know how it goes.

Ferrie and I decided to have some of the free Platnium Rewards Merlot and Goat Cheese to get us into the hockey mood.

We arrive at the stadium, get our lukewarm beer, hot dogs and french fries. We meet the rest of the gang. ..and those blue.. no white.. no Winter Hawks... kinda...suck.

They lose 0-6. Kinda embarrassing, felt bad for them. Ferrie takes one look at my fairly full cup of beer and exclaims, "I am NOT EVER buying you beer again!!"

Blake, Ferrie and I decided to have a nite cap at Charley's bar. I order coffee with Kahlua, Frangelico with whipped cream. I smile a druken Jenn smile. I start to think.. pooh, pooooooh Sea Hawks kids.. SO misunderstood. Also, I secretly hope I get to keep my new, sexy husky voice throughout the weekend... that would be cool.

Dinner with Camp Last Night

Yup, Camp came into town last night. He called me last week and said that he was helping out with his company's job fair today, so last night he drove down from Seattle, made some sales calls and picked me up for dinner. We ate at Fenouil, the best french bistro and my favorite spot in town.

The same host that greeted my brother and I last Saturday said to me, "Nice to see you again." Camp smiled and turned to me, "So, I guess you come here a lot?" I grinned back. Yeah, I guess I do.

We caught up on a bunch of stuff. I can tell that he is really stressed, he talked a lot about his new manager position at work and all the responsibilities he as now. I wish I could tear that blackberry away from him. ;) Dinner was phenomenal, as Camp and all my friends can attest. Can't go wrong in this place.

Camps excited about going to Vegas soon, as am I. The tables are calling. Then he brought up some thing surprising: "So, when are we going back to Europe again?" I laughed and responded, "Is that how we're going to celebrate our 6th anniversary?" I think I stunned him. Yeah, six years, that's longer than my stint with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Amazing.

After he dropped me off and I was starting to settle into sleep - watching the last half of the Amazing Race. I got a call, he had just checked into his hotel room on the otherside of town. He was serioius, he wanted to finish our conversation regarding planning our European vacation. I told him I have to sort of think about it. What do you think?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ian from the Frankie Cruise

Yes, girlfriends, I've been hush-hush for a while. Partly because I'm stuck here in Portland and sick as a dog, but partly, well, life has been pretty busy - thankfully!

For those who don't know, Ian has been in town! We've been able to see each other again a few times this past month. My favorite Canadian took a 6 week contract on a cruise ship arriving/departing out of Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro.

He's never been to Los Angeles, so I've been playing tour guide. It's really good to see him again and he looks amazing, as always.

I think we appreciate our time together, not because of the circumstances that initially brought us together or continue to to have our "ships in the night" keep bumping into each other, but the sheer fact of no amount of distance, nor time apart or the oceans or counties that separate us keep us from spending quality time together. It's like we never spent time apart.

He's an amazing guy, with wonderful talents, generosity, full of quiet affection and I think it pains me more than anything to be with him. Mainly because I know I will always have to hug him good-bye.

Pain makes man think. thought makes man wise. wisdom makes life endurable - john patrick

Thursday, March 02, 2006


This morning the folks at my hotel shuttled me to Emergency inpatient at the hospital. I feel worse than yesterday. Being sick with the flu in another city just... blows. What makes it worse is that my brother and my good friends are also on their way. Dancing starts tonight. I could have gone with my friend from PBDA, Jeff, but now will have to stay in and get rested. This TOTALLY SUCKS!!!! AAAAaaaaarrrrggggggg!!! Sorry, I know I'm whining, but hey, this is what blogs are for, right? OK, "serenity now." OK, here comes the positive affirmations: So I don't dance tonight, I rest and get to dance the next three nights at the big, beautiful Crystal Ballroom. My brother and friends will be here to share this wonderful city with me...and maybe take care of me :) Life is good.