Monday, March 06, 2006

Ian from the Frankie Cruise

Yes, girlfriends, I've been hush-hush for a while. Partly because I'm stuck here in Portland and sick as a dog, but partly, well, life has been pretty busy - thankfully!

For those who don't know, Ian has been in town! We've been able to see each other again a few times this past month. My favorite Canadian took a 6 week contract on a cruise ship arriving/departing out of Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro.

He's never been to Los Angeles, so I've been playing tour guide. It's really good to see him again and he looks amazing, as always.

I think we appreciate our time together, not because of the circumstances that initially brought us together or continue to to have our "ships in the night" keep bumping into each other, but the sheer fact of no amount of distance, nor time apart or the oceans or counties that separate us keep us from spending quality time together. It's like we never spent time apart.

He's an amazing guy, with wonderful talents, generosity, full of quiet affection and I think it pains me more than anything to be with him. Mainly because I know I will always have to hug him good-bye.

Pain makes man think. thought makes man wise. wisdom makes life endurable - john patrick


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