Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 New Year's Resolutions

Here they are!! Wish me luck!!

1. A resolution to my girlfriends: Resurrect Chick Day - ok, girls, it's bbbbaaaaaaaaaaacccck!!

2. A resolution for my buddies: Hold my first Poker Party at my house - ok, boys, look out for invites!!

3. A resolution for the Arts: Create my first oil painting in 14 years.

4. A resolution for my Health: Less Soda and Caffine, More fruits and veggies.

5. A resolution for my Home: Completely Organize my Home Office.

6. A resolutions for adventure and fun: Go whitewater rafting in Oregon.

7. A resolution for the Iron Chef in me: Make pasta from scratch.

8. A resolution for my Family: Remember to keep in touch/call/visit with my Grandma and my parents more often.

9. A resolution for my Finances: Restart my investment portfolios, the one Retirement Account that's sitting still.

10. A resolution for Exploration: Visit a new country. Herrang anyone?

OK, What's yours?


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