Monday, January 02, 2006

Recap: 2005 Resolutions and how I did

That time again, let's see how I did...

2005 New Year's Resolutions

1) No regrets - Well, Eunice, I took this from you and, sad to say, I have two. (You guys know who you are.)
2) Visit a new country - YES! Austrailia - Visted Anna and Eduaord in Sydney and hiked the outback!
3) Be more forgiving - Yes, kinda... does a nice text message count at Christmas?
4) Learn the Tango at PBDA?(American or Argentine) - Nope, my commute to work won't allow it.
5) Remodel a room in my house (Guest bath is the easiest, the Kitchen Remodel would be a dream) - Nope, no funds this year.
6) Do better than the statistics! (John knows what this means) YES! ('nuff said)
7) Get TiVo - Yes, well, a DVR my cable company sold me on.
8) Dance with at least one new person at each dance! YES! This one I make sure I do at every single dance I go to!
9) Plant tomatoes in my garden. (I know they are easy, but have never tried) Yes! I got 1 good tomato this summer!
10) Organize! Organize!! Organize!!! (Get back on eBay and get rid of the junk) Yes - I am able to park my car in my garage and I got my office started.

So, it looks like 7 out of 10. Not too shabby, better than last year. OK, gotta get cracking on the 2006 Resolutions. What's yours?


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