Thursday, March 02, 2006


This morning the folks at my hotel shuttled me to Emergency inpatient at the hospital. I feel worse than yesterday. Being sick with the flu in another city just... blows. What makes it worse is that my brother and my good friends are also on their way. Dancing starts tonight. I could have gone with my friend from PBDA, Jeff, but now will have to stay in and get rested. This TOTALLY SUCKS!!!! AAAAaaaaarrrrggggggg!!! Sorry, I know I'm whining, but hey, this is what blogs are for, right? OK, "serenity now." OK, here comes the positive affirmations: So I don't dance tonight, I rest and get to dance the next three nights at the big, beautiful Crystal Ballroom. My brother and friends will be here to share this wonderful city with me...and maybe take care of me :) Life is good.


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