Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Zurich Updates - Week 1

Too much to write/tell - here 's the gist:

- Zurich is small, I think the shops are fantastic.. but I think I got it
covered. I will try and get cell phone this week.

- Well, I fried my Compaq Ipaq on Day 2 - so much for the converters - which started to smoke...

- There is a peeping Tom into my studio apartment. FYI, I decided keep
until the end of the year - beats having to share an apt with a chain
smoker (though tres cool) co-worker from France.

- I ran into an Indian Magi/Guru/Prophet who felt compelled to tell my name, my future, my love life, it freaked me out: He said, "You have two names... one is a flower, I write it down with your birth month." "You wear your heart in your face. You plan too much, think too much, You're friends think you are lucky, but you don't feel it. You have money, it comes, it goes, but always you have. You don't believe me?" He pointed to my clenched hand and I read on the paper: "Rose. 7" He continued, "You have two men in your life, but only one you love, I write it down." At
which point, I politely said No and handed him all my money. ($40) to make
him stop. The last three things he said was - 11/27 will be an important
date this year, that I am lucky for the next three years and that I will
live to be 87. I told him, that's too long. ;) Well, there was a fourth thing he said, but I will keep that to myself for now.

- Met some cool americans this weekend - total jetsetters - one couple was
the buyer for all the chocolates for Trader Joes - they are heading to
Madrid next.

- I met a couple of americans from Washington DC who were in the Ironman
Switzerland: Neal, Mohamand, Alan, Sally, Dawn, etc- there were over 1400

- I went on the train today to go to PS Switzerland in the country, had to walk through gravel road past cow pastures for 20 minujtes to get o the office! (Was fun though....)

- I had Steak Tartar for the first time tonight -not bad... pretty good.

- I might join some americans from another Project headed to Paris this
weekend to catch the last day of the Tour du France, we'll see.

- Next weekend is a long Swiss holiday (Thur-Sun), so I might go visit Geneva and some of the surrounding south of France villages.

- I've signed up with: Swiss Swing Dancing Society (yet to go to an event..); the eBusiness Nomads of Zurich, Singles in Zurich, International Women's
Association of Zurich, etc. etc.

- My attitude for now is, everyone is living vicariously through me, so I better get going.

Zurich - The Good: It's a beautiful, beautiful land of bountiful cheese & sausages; sometimes both with mayonaise whicht they call: Wurstsalat.

Zurich - The Bad: It's OK for young boys to stare at my breasts and then give me a smirk with a Groucho Marx eyebrow jingle.

Zurich - The Ugly: Deoderant is still optional. (..and that's the women!)

MISS ZOU GUY!! Write back... Auf Wiedersehen,