Thursday, August 07, 2003

Jenn Update - August 2003: Walk Like An Egyptian

This Jenn Update is dated 8/27/03:

Hi everyone -
First of all some shout-outs:

Congratulations to Eunice and the Wenger family for their new addition, Eliza Warlita born on Aug. 19!! She's adorable!!

Happy Birthday Mylene!! ...and congrats on setting a date!!

OK, for the fun stuff: I'm backpacking Europe again!! I will be going back to Zurich, Cairo, Paris and London.

I am leaving Labor Day and will return in 2 weeks. This all came about quite suddenly and I am "winging" most of it. In fact, I practically showing up at Imee's door hoping she's home... and yes, I am going alone. I'm making a few social calls and staying with family and friends. Visiting Imee in Paris to see her newborn, Ellisa, then visiting Emma in Kent to meet her baby Amelia and my cousin Odette and my niece and nephew, Kelly and O'jey.

My one day in Zurich will include dinner with co-workers and a midnight bar hop with the wild women, Sabine and Ana. People think I'm a bit mad for vacationing in the Middle East. My Mom is kinda worried. OK, she's a LOT worried. My friends tell me to be cautious... but all I can say is: It’s not any more dangerous for Americans to go to Egypt than it is for them to go anywhere else in the world. Articles I read states that they are a friendly and welcoming people and I will be staying with friends who are europeans, studying arabic and know their way around.

Also, from what I read, Egyptians do like Americans…they just quite logically have serious frustrations with our foreign policy in their part of the world. Sort of similar to what I experience in Zurich last year with the French and Belgiums... jk ;)

If I wait until the world is a "safer" place before I go to Egypt or anywhere else, then I am NEVER going to go. Thanks to Rick Steves/PBS, the Travel and History channels It's been one of my dreams and I'm going for it!! So.. blame it on the media!!