Thursday, May 04, 2006

Airport Blog: Five months in Portland

I thought I'd start a blog series within my blog pages. What the heck, anything goes here, right. I find myself with an hour or so prior to my flight and I feel like blogging random things. So here goes...

Anyway, I can't believe it's been five months flying up to Portland and back. I had a week off due to Jury Duty (oh, remind me to blog that separately...oh vey!) I am looking at my planner. May is gonna be one busy, busy month. I already have plane tickets to seven flights! This month, other than Portland, I'll be hitting Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas and Seattle. It's just May 4 and I already feel tired and overwhelmed.

For those in the inner circle, (btw, if you want in on the "inner circle" just call me more often - you're in!) I've often expressed (and with increasing frequency) how "lonely" it gets living in another city. It would be nice to have part-time boyfriend, here, in the City of Roses - after all, I take my name from it. (Random thoughts, remember?)

I've resolved to try a new restaurant every week. Exciting you say? Well, try going to an awesome, new restaurant and requesting a table for one. Cue the spotlight as it follows me to my table a la "The Lonely Guy."

This week, I tried the Spanish tapas bar near my hotel. I sat down at the empty bar and asked Antonio Bandaras (let's just call him that) if I could eat at the bar, he kindly handed me a menu chock full of hot, cold, veggie, carne tapa items.

I opted for the blinis top with Spanish jamon, poched quail egg and salmon roe... del-lish!! Second tapa dish was the chicken liver mousse on a grilled baguette...yum!! I topped it off with a warm espanole tortilla aka egg omlette atop with creme fraise. I complimented my fantastic gourmet fare with an equally fantasitc book: Julia Child's My Life in France. The book caught the eye of a former restaurant employee turned long-overdue customer who asked about the various goodies set before me. We conversed briefly, Antonio interjected that I had ordered his favorite tapa dish... well.. I am good. (Did I say that outloud?)

I finished my meal, paid my bill and silently slipped out of the lovely restaurant. I did enjoy that, even as a party of one. Stay tuned, for the next Airport Blog!


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