Monday, April 23, 2007

Jenny vs. The Massachusettes Turnpike

Jenny 0; Turpike 2.

I give up. I can't handle turnpikes: not here, not in New Jersey, not anywhere!! The first time I was on the 90 West (Mass. Turnpike) was at 1am in the morning. I got through my first two tolls OK, when I came up to the the third and final toll - the one structure standing between me and my hotel room - the attendant asked for my ticket.

"Ticket?? What ticket??"

She smiled and politely asked for $2.40 - twice the amount I would have paid if I had a toll ticket.

"Oh," I sighed. " Was that the one toll booth without a person back there?"

She smiles again, patiently waiting for my money.

This morning, after taking the first 8-hour (thanks to a delay) red-eye in a decade, I went to the wrong booth and got on another highway, I had to go through an extra toll booth (for a total of 4) before arriving to my client site.

Turnpikes, you bastards! YOU WIN.


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