Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Sweetest Thing

I haven't felt that way since... I was twelve. It was the summer I got my first bike - it was baby blue, with a basket with plastic flowers and tassels on the u-shaped handle bars. I loved that bike; I love feeling of the wind brushing my cheeks.

Life sometimes gives you second chances. I got that wonderful, youthful feeling again this past Friday. Marc came by after work. He hugged me at the door and said, "Hey babe, (I love hearing that), I need help with two bags in my truck." My mind's first reaction was, "My God, how long are you planning to stay??"

Happily we walked hand in hand to his truck, he lifted the back and I saw his new black beach cruiser... but it took two seconds for me to realize that he wasn't taking his bike out... he was taking this little white beach cruiser out with pink tires and pink decals....

I gasped. Then I squealed like a little girl at Christmas when her Dad pulls out a bike from behind the tree. I looked at him aghast and asked,

"Oh my God, is this for me??!!! You're Kidding?!?! Is this mine??!!"

He smiled and propped the world's cutest bike in front of me. He said that the bike shop put the seat as low as it could go. He put the handle bars on and I jumped on the bike... I was still on my tippy-toes, but I'll make do.

Quickly I changed into sweatpants while Marc made some adjustments to both bikes. As soon as I came out, we jumped on our brand new bikes and started cruising down the street, up the hill and then meandered through all the neighboring streets.

I felt like a kid again. I really did. After some yummy Zankou Chicken, we had a nice night watching our favorite shows: Rome, Apprentice: Los Angeles and The Office.

The next morning, we went to his other surprise: Two tickets to the German Art and Opera workshop at the Getty!! There was a private tour, box lunches, we had a picnic overlooking the gardens and an hour of German songs by members of the Los Angeles Opera group. It was a perfect day. Thank you Marc!

I love this man!!


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