Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back to the Emergency Room...again.

I woke up yesterday with stabbing pains in my lower abdomen. I've never felt this pain before, I thought that it was just sleeping on my side the wrong way. It was intermittent throughout the day and I tried to ignore it. However, late that night, as David tried to hold me, I winced in pain. He immediately got up and said, "I'm taking you to emergency." I said that I was fine and that it will go away, plus I was flying out tomorrow and I need my sleep.

He pulled me up from bed, as I was whinning and starting to pout and pooh pooh'ed the idea. He drove me to the hospital and after the doctors and RN's prodding and poking my stomach and tests, I was told that I had an infection in my large intestings. I have Diverticulitis - which is treatable with two sets of antibiotics. We got back at about 3am, my flight was at 7am. I slept throughout most of it and feel a tad better.

Lessoned learned? High-fiber diet? Nope... well.. yah, kinda...

I've never had anyone who looked out for me. David is in my life to take care of me... enough to dress me as I fought him off last night. I can't take that for granted. David, baby, thank you and I love you!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

4 Cities, 3 States, 2 Delays and 1 PO'ed Person in 24 Hours

A few days after arriving to Portland, I received word that I was to go out to Palms Springs to help with a client pursuit at a local casino. I was going to question why until I saw the name. Yep, I recognized it. I did an assessment for them 2 years ago and it made sense to send me back.

So I packed and both David and I got up at 4am last Wednesday. He took me to the airport so I can catch my 5:30am flight. He was so sweet to take me to the airport... and so sleepy too. I had one stop at Phoenix. After arriving, I soon discovered that the flight kept continuously being delayed. The first plane had mechanical issues and the second plane ordered was too small. The delay was a total of 4 hours. The only consolation was that Phoenix airport is only one of a handful of airports that has a Nathan's Hot Dog. If you don't know by now, I swear by these wonderfully tasty little treats!!

I got to my client with basically a minute to spare. I sat through 5 hours of meeting countless subject matter experts. After which my PM and I had dinner then had to attend another conference call. I could barely keep my eyes open. I checked into the hotel, immediately got on-line, sent out materials relating to these meetings and slept.

Again, I woke up at 5am to make a 7am flight back to Portland. My stop today was in San Francisco. Surprise surprise surprise!!! My flight was delayed four hours. OK, I don't know what I did to piss off the airport gods, but they are pissed at me. Of course a four-hour layover wouldn't be complete without another conference call. (Calgon, take me away!!!!) I finally got home only to discover I missed yet another conference call.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I am starting a 6-month project as the Payroll/HRIS Lead for a global company in New Brunswick, New Jersey? Yep, I leave tomorrow. I really hope that... David can take my la loca vida.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Road Trip to New Beginnings

So I moved to Portland last weekend. I rented a one-way SUV from Hertz - a Nissan Armada. What a monster vehicle. It's a miracle that my feet even touched the pedals! After stopping at a local U-Haul to pick up some moving boxes, I packed and packed all day Saturday.

David flew down on that evening! God, it was good to see him again... to feel his kisses and to be in the warmth of his embrace. He helped me move the last of my stuff into he truck... and we headed out to the open road. Thus we begin our 1000-mile road trip! Our first stop was for a couple of animal-style Double-Doubles!!

It was so hot that weekend that driving in the cool of the night seems like the sensible thing to do. There was only one moment in question occurred at a gas station in Sacramento. David was sleeping, I drove up to the Shell, got out and started to fill the car. I noticed that there was this other truck that drove up and parked in front of us. It had tinted windows and no one ever got out. I woke David up and said, something's funny about the truck in front us. He sat up, got out and walked in front of our car. As soon as he got out, the truck mysteriously just drove away. David tells me that this could have been a potential car-jacking. I am so naive about these things.

We drove about 350 miles and it was about 4am when we wearily drove up to a Residence Inn to stop for the night. Sleep overcame any desire to continue our reunion. Anyway, we got up about 11am the next day. It was already well over 100 degrees! We had another 580 miles to go... it took about 12 more hours. We passed some beautiful scenes along the way - skirting around Mt. Shasta, going down to the boat docks at Shasta Lake. While David slept, I inevitably get lured to gas, dairy queens or Olive shops that are 10 miles out from beyond the 5 Freeway. Ah, I never learn, do I?

We finally arrive at our apartment close to midnight and unload everything. It was so good to sleep in the beautiful king bed - so graciously provided by one of my clients! (Thank you Kerri-Lynn & Ted!!!). As we lay in each others arms... kissing each other softly... we are so thankful to be home, safe and sound.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Please pray for Rich & James....

For those who know or don't know, Rich and James are in the process of adopting a baby boy, Nathan (Nate) Alan Conine. Nate was born premature, at 31 weeks and 4lbs 3oz in Las Vegas. Rich and James has been making the trip every weekend and staying for an extended time to make sure that they are at each feeding - every 3 hours.

Yesterday, the birth mother visited Nate and today, left a weeping voice mail that she is sorry to Rich and James.

Please, please, please say a prayer for Rich and James that whatever this is will pass and that they will be able to keep and raise Nate as their own. Rich is humbly asking for your prayers, say a little one today for them.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Horrible Day

Admittantly, it's hard. I am feeling the first few pangs of missing home. I haven't danced in a while and I miss that too... all those summer concerts in southern Cal!! Also, the lack of enough positive reinforcement on this sudden move and fast engagement is discouraging, if not downright depressing.

I'm selfish. I sorta knew, but not really. I've lived the single life for so long that having entered into back into a serious, committed relationship is a little... scary. Am having an OK week.

I think the stress of moving out of state, being out of my environment, my network and support group still in So Cal, having fought on the phone with my Mom and not knowing where what assignment I am working next... and this HEAT!!! It's just getting to me... and to David.

We both have been absorbing some stresses in both our circle of friends... Rich & James on their pending adoption of Baby Nate... and David... (this is heartbreaking to even post)... a childhood friend of his was brutally beaten and murdered in her apartment the other day. She's the daughter of a county judge and it's all over the news up here.

It's just... a horrible day. Please pray for us.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Road Trip.... to my new home-away-from-home

In a few hours, David will be landing, I will pick him up and we begin our 1000-mile oddessy back to Oregon. I have most of my things packed and we are heading out during the cool, cool hours of the night. He is in Sacramento right now and it's 115 degrees. It's 102 where I am at. I am anxious, a tad apprehensive but, for the most part, excited as we start our lives TOGETHER. I'll email you, my friends, our address... I'll miss home, but it's not good-bye, just... until WE come home again.

Love you all,


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rules of Engagement

Just be happy for us.
We both worry enough for all.
I can't do this without your trust in us as adults.
We've all been hurt one time or another.
This is our time to celebrate.
Don't let fear takeover.
All we need from you and from each other is... love.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Surprise Birthday Engagement!!

What a crazy week. David and I moved into our apartment this past weekend. We flew down on the 4th of July and spent the next day, my birthday, at the happiest place on earth! (Little did I know the new meaning it would take on for me.)

It's been over 12 years since David has been to Disneyland and we had a blast!! We had lunch at the newly renovated Orleans Cafe with family friends. Afterwards, we rode the newly updated Pirates of the Caribbean starring Captain Jack Sparrow.

Next, I took David to California Adventure to try out California Screamin' - my favorite coaster and cooled off at Grizzly River Run. My birthday dinner was at the House of Blues. Diana, Gilles, Eric, Mylene, Yggy and Eunice joined us for an outdoor dinner. They had fun getting to know him and visa-versa.

David admitted to me later that evening that he was so nervous meeting my friends. After dinner, I started to open presents. Diana and Mylene got me really nice presents. At the end, Eunice handed me a little gift box. I unwrapped it and there was a black velvet gift box.

I opened the box and, at first glance, I thought they were two diamond hoop earings... but then I got confused because David took the box out of my hand, took out a ring out and lifted my hand. I couldn't belive what was happening.

He smiled with a twinkle in his eyes ...and slowly slid the ring on my hand and softly said,

"Will you marry me?"


We warmly hugged. I couldn't believe it... even as I felt the ring on my hand.

All my friends who were momentarily stunned started to laugh hoop and holler. Even Eric, Diana's son, said, "Will you guys get married?"

Folks, know that I love this man. Know that I am in still in shock. Know that we are going to have a looooooooong engagement. We are looking forward to our future as a couple and looking forward to hopefully raising a family too.

Stay tuned as Jenny and David begin their life together...

Click here for pictures...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Declaration of Co-Depedence

Today we celebrate America's birth, the cutting of her umbilical cord and the spanking of her fat butt!! She's all grown up now, at 230 yrs, she's better than ever!! We toast to her independence because she's given that to all of us.

OK, enough of that... and let me get off my soap box. I am telling you, those who take the time to read this blog or call me... that David and I have declare our co-dependence. As of this week, we happily and eagerly signed a document entitled "Declaration of Domestic Partnership" So there!! We moved in together and we've officially declared, at least in my company's eyes, that we are here for each other.

Just a clarification, in David's eyes and from what he whispers to me time and again, I am his wife, now and forever. (Don't faint, stay with me...) He won't allow me to say we're engaged until he asks me, I accept (I told him I'd think about it - which is not funny to him) and he puts a ring on my finger.

My birthday is tomorrow and I can't thinking of nothing that makes me happier than spending it with David and my close friends who gets to finally meet him! My mom gets to meet him the day after - if he can pass that test, he can pass anything!! I told him that my mom is just like me... if I were on crack.

Love you guys and Happy 4th!!