Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back to the Emergency Room...again.

I woke up yesterday with stabbing pains in my lower abdomen. I've never felt this pain before, I thought that it was just sleeping on my side the wrong way. It was intermittent throughout the day and I tried to ignore it. However, late that night, as David tried to hold me, I winced in pain. He immediately got up and said, "I'm taking you to emergency." I said that I was fine and that it will go away, plus I was flying out tomorrow and I need my sleep.

He pulled me up from bed, as I was whinning and starting to pout and pooh pooh'ed the idea. He drove me to the hospital and after the doctors and RN's prodding and poking my stomach and tests, I was told that I had an infection in my large intestings. I have Diverticulitis - which is treatable with two sets of antibiotics. We got back at about 3am, my flight was at 7am. I slept throughout most of it and feel a tad better.

Lessoned learned? High-fiber diet? Nope... well.. yah, kinda...

I've never had anyone who looked out for me. David is in my life to take care of me... enough to dress me as I fought him off last night. I can't take that for granted. David, baby, thank you and I love you!


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