Friday, July 28, 2006

Road Trip to New Beginnings

So I moved to Portland last weekend. I rented a one-way SUV from Hertz - a Nissan Armada. What a monster vehicle. It's a miracle that my feet even touched the pedals! After stopping at a local U-Haul to pick up some moving boxes, I packed and packed all day Saturday.

David flew down on that evening! God, it was good to see him again... to feel his kisses and to be in the warmth of his embrace. He helped me move the last of my stuff into he truck... and we headed out to the open road. Thus we begin our 1000-mile road trip! Our first stop was for a couple of animal-style Double-Doubles!!

It was so hot that weekend that driving in the cool of the night seems like the sensible thing to do. There was only one moment in question occurred at a gas station in Sacramento. David was sleeping, I drove up to the Shell, got out and started to fill the car. I noticed that there was this other truck that drove up and parked in front of us. It had tinted windows and no one ever got out. I woke David up and said, something's funny about the truck in front us. He sat up, got out and walked in front of our car. As soon as he got out, the truck mysteriously just drove away. David tells me that this could have been a potential car-jacking. I am so naive about these things.

We drove about 350 miles and it was about 4am when we wearily drove up to a Residence Inn to stop for the night. Sleep overcame any desire to continue our reunion. Anyway, we got up about 11am the next day. It was already well over 100 degrees! We had another 580 miles to go... it took about 12 more hours. We passed some beautiful scenes along the way - skirting around Mt. Shasta, going down to the boat docks at Shasta Lake. While David slept, I inevitably get lured to gas, dairy queens or Olive shops that are 10 miles out from beyond the 5 Freeway. Ah, I never learn, do I?

We finally arrive at our apartment close to midnight and unload everything. It was so good to sleep in the beautiful king bed - so graciously provided by one of my clients! (Thank you Kerri-Lynn & Ted!!!). As we lay in each others arms... kissing each other softly... we are so thankful to be home, safe and sound.


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