Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Answers to all your Questions!

Hi everyone -

Just to let you know, I went to my first swing dance!! I happened on it accidentally... it was under this gazebo.. and they had these beautiful red candleligths.. it was so awesome!! I just barged in and asked the first guy I came across to dance... it was SO MUCH fun!! I missed it so much...I could have cried!! People were cool, some spoke english.

Yesterday I started my first Swing lesson - Lindy Level 3. After seeing me the first night, the teacher promoted me from Level 1 to 3. Everything is in German, but the moves are all in English... so this is what I hear:

"blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah texas tommy with a doube turn blah blah blah blah blah blah eins zwei drei vier vier funf sechs sieben acht"

Then I start my swing out! LOL.. miss you guys.. hope you enjoy the email I sent out below to people...


WOW!! What a response... it's so funny, a lot of you have very good,
sometimes hilarious questions about life here and other crazy stuff... so I
thought I would share it all So here goes... enjoy! (BTW, The questions
are real, the identity or the person has been withheld to protect the
guilty and will not be disclosed...unless the person pisses me of in some
really bad way... ;)

Q: Regarding any nude Swiss photos...
A: To all my male friends: Sorry, I don't have any, by the time I
got over the shock of naked people on parade, they had already passed me
by. No, I won't get any, not even if you pay for the film.. because I have
a digital camera!!"

Q: "Do you have someone explaining what all this stuff is to you when you
see it?"
A: Sometimes, other times I have a book or brochure in hand to help
me along.

Q: "And where'd you learn to take such awesome pictures! Man, they look
like they should be in a travel brochure or something!!"
A: I have two incredible photographers to thank who have given
brutally honest critiques and positive feedback: Dave Echols of Long Beach
and Victor Goodpasture of Carlsbad... I wouldn't be a decent, campy
photographer without the likes of you two! Thanks guys for making me a
decent photographer and good storyteller."

Q: "Did you say Spain and Portugal? Hey, do they always kill the bull after
the fight? Why? What do they do with it afterwards - give it to the poor
for beef?"
A: LOL.. I will have to verify what the process is when I get there.
All I was told, when I sheepishly asked one of my French co-workers if she
knew.. is that the matador who makes the kill (or the MVP of a bullfighting
team) gets to cut er... 'testicular glands' off the poor
animal. (Folks, I'll have to kindly ask you to refrain from any more
questions such as this one - you hear me, Leo! ;)

Q: "Is it getting cold there already?"
A: Oh, man, if it's not raining, it's picture perfect 78 F degree
weather - complete with blue, blue skies and puffy, puffy white clouds and
beautiful, beautiful sunsets and pink, pink flamingos and I'm drunk.

Q: "Do you pay for yahoo server storage to share your pictures? How do you
post the pictures?"
A: Nope, all free. Just sign up on The website will
give you instructions, once you've signed up you have access to a File
Manager where you can upload photos. Very easy and simple. Try it!

Q: "Could you set of an album "Men of Switzerland"? You can do it!!!"
A: I did and it's here and they're all mine. Mine, you hear me!

Q: Thanks for all the info on Switzerland, but you forgot to answer the
most important question of all. Is the chocolate as good as its
A: BETTER!! and it's here and they're all mine. Mine, you hear me!

Q: We know how good it feels to get packages in the mail, so is there
anything you'd like from Japan?

A: Yen, preferrably in large denominations. Ooops sorry, I meant to
say 'men.'"

Q: Out of curiosity, how do you do this whole yahoo photos thing. Is this
something I can do as well? Or, do I need a degree in rocket science?
A: Yes, it IS rocket science.. and only I hold the formula!! Nah,
Check out It gives you good instructions, just sign in
with your already existing Yahoo ID. It gives lings to create photo
albums, mark them as private (for those naughty pictures) or public, upload
or add photos, rearrange... etc. The links to your albums are simply:

Q: Chamonix trois: Why do those sausages look like they're decorated in
thong underwear???
A: Believe me, I WISH I knew the answer...

Q: Street Parade: At first, the chicken man scared me, but that was
nothing compared to the other outfits that didn't have material in a lot of
places! Was that Hallowe'en or Gay Pride? Yikes! What were YOU wearing,
though, girl? No, never mind. I'm scared enough as it is. ;)
A: Be afraid, be very afraid. It was halloween, mardi gras, gay
pride, hetro pride, swiss pride, you-name-it pride parade! Techno music
was plasting from every shop, hotel, restaurant, bar, bathroom, car, boat,
etc. in all of Zurich, you name it, I saw it. What did A:IA: wear? Notice
there are NO pictures of me...

Any more questions? Anyone??


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