Thursday, August 15, 2002

My First Month in Zurich!

Hi everyone -

Today marks my one-month stay in Zurich, man, fun times when you're having flies!! LOL!

Anyway, below is a link to very simple website that I promised oh so long
ago! I wish it worked better, but am fight right now with the html coding for
Yahoo Photos...It gets you to the photos, there you will have to choose an album, then choose how you want to view it.. file by file or by slideshow, flip album, etc, etc,

Fun Switzerland facts:

- My co worker and I survived our first "Persistent Flasher" last night...the first time he flashed us, he didn't get a reaction, so he followed us to where we were waiting at a signal light and tried again. Poor guy, we just couldn't stop laughing.

- In my first month, the public urination witness count is at 14. (3 were
from Nicola, Imee and Denis' son... so maybe they don't count.) I saw a total of 5 in one day, all from a bridge from the infamous Zurich street parade where the float dancers are sometimes... naked.

- At work, you do not interrupt people, if you come into an office with a
quick question, you have to wait your turn, until they finish their conversation; oblivious to your presence, before you can politely ask your question. I've waited up to 20 minutes...*sigh*

- I am still butchering the language, so have resorted to being a mute most
of the time. I know, hard to believe! Besides, when I try to speak it, I will
inadvertently end up spitting at that person when I hit a really, really hard word like: struchkentunnelstrasse.

- I'm starting to develop a ho-hum attitude over the huge amount of nudity
on Swiss TV.

- I am slowly finding out that the average adult Swiss humor is equivalent
to that of an American 10 year old.

- Yes ladies, it's true... almost all Swiss men are good looking here. For
the men, the women are equally gorgeous but with a slight ego trips... so.. well... nothing new there. :)

- I finally got a cell phone here.. which, to my surprise no one
uses...everyone just types in these... ICQ-type messages instead of actually calling the person. Ah, the Swiss!

Upcoming stuff: I have kayaking next weekend, swing dancing on Saturday,
Yoga on Sundays, Swing dancing lessons start next monday, Thursday drinks tonight with the eBiz Nomads and Spain/Portugal vacation next month!! So, you can see, I'm sorta settling in. :)

Other than the occasional pangs of homesickness, I miss In and Out
Burgers, the sun, the ocean, laughing with my friends, mom and dad's cooking, PBDA swing dances and the like!

Take care, write back, send stuff ;), call, love,



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