Saturday, July 15, 2000

Viva Italia!

Bon Giorno!!

OK, I hope you guys appreciate the pla-by-play
updates, if not, hit DELETE now. I took a 10-minute
train ride and hiked for 20 minutes to get to this
little wayside Italian Riviera village, Montessoro.
(If you want a peak of the beautiful set of five
fishing villages called Cinque Terre, try:

I think at this point, after spending seven whirlwind
days all over Italy, this is my favorite country so
far. The food is great|| Hey, can't go wrong with
Wine, Pizza or Pasta. All the walking, hiking and
stairs have kept the carbs off.. for now. Plus, no
accidents so far - cross your fingers!!

I still stand behind Venice as my favorite city with
Rome a close second and Florence, good third! The
Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican City
are more wonderous that I expected. If and when you
guys get here, climb St. Peter's dome, designed by
Michelangelo - the 500+ steps are worth the view!!

I walked all over the city, from the Colluseum, Forum
and Pantheon - to the Trevi fountain, but never got
throw my coin in due to an fashion show they had set
up that night - I know there was a lot of lights and
special effects, the models were barely wearing any
clothes - much to the delight of the male members of
our group.

I am totally convinced that when shopaholics die, they
go to Florence. I have exceeded my Italy budget,
partially due to some Venetian glass, clothing and
shoes in Florence. I am trying to keep it under £ 3
Million Lire at this point. (You figure it out..)

Yesterday and today, we have our "vacation from our
vacation" in a very cute set of five fishing villages
off the Italian Mediterenean called "Cinque Terre" -
we are staying at the one called Veranzza, it's
beautiful out here and I, for one, greatly appreciate
the rest from all the tours and museum and general
militia travel.. ;-)

Well, off to Switzerland tomorrow, I'll email when I
can again. I am very homesick and on the constant
lookout for Golden Arches - jk.



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