Sunday, July 02, 2000

Netherlands... Land of Waffles & Bells

OK - gotta make this quick - time is short on the net
there is other people in line.


I felt short in the US, but here I feel like breaking
into song in a high squeeky voice: "Follow the Yellow
Brick Road!!" Dang!! These guys are tall here!!!
They tell me though to wait for Italy for those are
the shortest guys in Europe compared to the giants

OK - Amsterdam the city - takes my breath away!
Visited Anne Frank's house - got very emotional as we
went through the bookcase, up to the the family room
and into her room. It's so unreal to have read this
girls legacy, her diary and walk through the rooms
that she lived in... I feel very blessed.

The food here... mostly a diet of waffles with Caramel
centers, stinky (but good) cheese, eggs and picnic
meats! The canal tour is a must. The city is so
beautiful. The leaning houses with thousands of
different gables. saw the church that Rembrant is
buried - as well as most of his works at the
RijskMuseum. The massive 3-story organ that Amadeus
played as a teenager.

Gotta go, people are asking to get on.. love you
guys!! Update in Germany, hopefully!



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