Wednesday, July 05, 2000

Romantic Germanz

Hi everzone -

If zou think I am tzping funnz it's because the 'y'
and the 'z' have changed places on the kezboard, and
rather than correcting, I think it adds that bit of
Deustchland flavor this email needs.

The good news: Germanz is wildlz romantic with
Castles left and right, small villages (sure,
overflowing with tourist) but thez all leave at 5pm
and the sun doesn't set until 11pm here. That leaves
time for exploring, getting lost, sazing: Guten Tag to
strangers, searching for biergardens in the

The bad news: For mz friends who know about the tree
falling on mz car a few zears ago, the Forth of Julz
has never been kind to me. It was raining prettz hard
zesterdaz and when I got off our Rhine River cruise, I
walked down the steel gang plank, slipped, did the
splits and squarelz hit mz left knee on a steel keat.

The first few seconds of excrutiating pain can best be
described as taking a baseball bat to zour knee. I
felt like passing out from the sheer pain had I not
been lifted up and awaz to a bench. It was so painful
I couldn't speak even if I tried. I didn't realiye
how bad it was until I saw blood gushing down mz leg.
Thez wanted to put stiches on, but I opted for a
German Birthdaz scar instead.

Not to worrz, free pints of Beer and prescription
drugs donated bz the seniors in our group have helped
with the dull throbbing pain.

Tomorrow, we visit Mad Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Castle
(attached), Dachau Concentration Camp and Munich
ending at the bottom of the Austria Alps for the next
two nights.

I'll email next in Venice. Hope evezrone had a good
Fourth! Miss zou guzs,



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