Monday, August 05, 2002

Paris & Tour de France

Catching up on updates...this is what I did 2 weeks ago...

I am sorry for not writing back, it was very hectic last week. Most of
Europe is going or will be going on vacation, so there has been a lot of
push of work prior to their departure. Next week is a short week. Anyway,
I have been working until 8 or 9pm each night, the walk is ok since it is
light outside until 10pm or so.

I've resorted to using one of those home delivery food services because
after a 12 hour day, I don't feel like eating by myself and having to
struggle with surly waitresses or cryptic menus or cooking and washing
dishes. I will try better when I am not as stressed.

To add to this, I did an impulsive thing. It's the last weekend for the Tour de France, so I thought, why not? Yup, I got special permission to get out of work early and hop on a train to Paris. It took six long hours, but I booked first class which meant my computer was up for about 4 hours. I have a lot of work to do before Monday. In fact, I am writing this from the train going back to Zurich.

I have stayed up past 1am each night/morning visiting the streets of Paris, the Le Villette or just strolling the quiet streets of Vincennes. As always, Imee & Denis were my gracious hosts. Unfortunately, Nicola, their son, is going through his terrible twos. Everything is his. I can't touch anything of his or look at him funny or else he gets himself into a hissy-fit! My, what fits a toddler can throw, but I love him dearly when he is in good spirits and offers little bits of affection.

They took their bikes out and we rented one for me and spent the morning biking in one of the biggest public parks. One of the "off-road" trails, I ran into some poison oak. My knees and lower legs felt like it was burning for most of day. In the afternoon, we took a row boat out, and save for the time I was rowing us around in circles, it was fun. Paris was hot, hot, hot this weekend!! I lucked out with the fantastic weather.

Tour de France finally got to Paris... and guess what, I watched from the balcony of the US Embassy in Paris!! Imee works for them. It was great, beautiful rooms that had gold leafing, similar to what you find in Versailles. All Louis the 15th stuff! Pretty fancy! Along with front seat views to the race below, we had a view of the eiffel tower to our right and Louvre to the left. The racers whizzed by so fast that if you blinked, they were gone! Wow, what a day! The only bad thiLe Villetteok so many pictures yesterday that my camera battery was dead that morning.. so I will have to rely on pictures taken by my friend Imee.

Tell Erin & Tami hello for me! Miss you all very much, beste grĂ¼sse!


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