Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Season 6 DWTS - Week 1 Predictions

My predictions on who will go home:

Men: I think it will be Adam C, his heart is not really in it… and what is with Steve?!? and all this Kumbaya stuff??!! It’s a matter of points and popularity – Steve may have the slight lead in both.

Women: hmmm.. I think Monica S – only because Shannon’s score was a little better and she’s a little more popular – even though I felt she was an unbendable Barbie doll. Our little Broadway star had the charisma and energy of Sabrina, unfortunately, no talent in the ballroom dancing department.

Yeah, Priscilla was a little scary with her stretched skin – ala Michael Jackson. Although, not bad for 63 though.


Blogger Kathy J said...

I think Monica Seles will be the first woman voted off. She is just so stiff! And she does not look like she is having fun -- although more this week than last.

On the men's side, I predict it will be either Penn or Adam that get the boot. Although Adam is more likely.

And I am utterly amazed by Marlee Matlin. I think her dancing is so wonderful when she cannot hear the music.

The B'way star settled down this week and actually really tried to perform. I think she was so excited last week, she did not really buckle down to perform. This week she did.

And Kristi -- I predict she will win. She is so graceful. And she is a real competitor. Spine of steel!

Should be fun. I will definitely keep watching!

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