Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2008 New Years Resolutions

OK.. drumroll please!!!

1. Be more forthright with people. I'd like to think of this less as brutal honesty and more like the truth with tact. Sorry, folks, no more Ms. Nice Gal when it comes to tough and hard news or feedback.

2. Visit the Philippines. There is a promise I made - in my heart - to visit the two remaining aunts form my Dad's side. They raised my brother and myself as toddlers and I have been really, really bad with keeping in touch. So, my grand plan is to kidnap my Dad for a week and go spend time with them... Why not my Mom? well, if all I wanted to do is go shopping and reunite with her old classmates - I could do that here in the states. I need some Father-Daughter time.

3. No more Starbucks. Tea is now the staple and coffee the rare treat.

4. Successfully hike the Kalalau Trail in Kauai. This famous trail was once the footpath of ancient Hawaiian Kings. It leads to Kalalau Beach - which is only accessible via this trail. Marc and I are planning to brave this 22-mile overnight hike in February. If the weather cooperates, we'll be on the trail!

5. Keep on cooking! My co-workers are now accustomed to home-baked treats on Monday mornings. Kyle and Marc are my willing guine pigs for the more savory recipes.

6. Go green. I am known at home and at work as a recycling queen and want to keep that up. I am looking at new green hybrid vehicles as well... however, my heart keeps hearing the siren call of those itty-bitty Smartcars!

7. Spend more time with my Godchildren. More specifically, Rich has been encouraging bonding play-times with Nate. It warms my heart when my Godchildren actually reach out to me as a fun person in their life. I miss my beautiful and elegant Elisa in France... who knows I might make it over there!

8. Exercise at least once a week. The hotel fitness centers are less than par, but they're free and I have no excuse.

9. Go back to Europe! I am hoping to either a) get sent there by my client to do some system testing - then I would sneak out of the weekend to visit my friends in Kent, Paris and Geneva... or b) treat myself another of Rick Steve's Europe through the back door tours! I love those... and it's about time.

10. Go skydiving!!! Mariah did it and she loves it! So, we'll see...

Wish me luck!


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