Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Decision 2008

I guess I should rename the title of this blog entry to: "Why I Hillary has my vote" or... "Obama Who??"

My main reason for voting for Hillary is the WHOLE package. First of all, voting for her means having Bill Clinton back in office and back where he can help the country - even if it's just smoothing over our horrible foreign policies.

Secondly, I strongly feel that GENDER above RACE on domestic issues is what this country needs. Everyone turns to their mother, sister or girlfriend when times get tough. Women to me, are the toughest creatures on earth. Most of the women I know listens well, take care of others, and constantly give of themselves. We don't need muscle, if we have brains, intelligence and compassion.

Lastly, I've NEVER heard of Obama until his running for president. I don't think we need another man's perspective of our country. We need someone with LOADS of experience, someone who's smart rather than charismatic, been around the block and someone who knows how to handle themselves.

I'd rather have a tough friend who'll tell you like it is and work with me to fix the problem than one who just knows how to charm cameras.

Close your eyes, think about it and vote with your heart.


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