Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back in Boston

For those who haven't heard or heard from me, yep, am back in Boston. Am helping out some folks here with global design workshops. Big fun. I just want back in California. I love rain, I love to sleep in while it's raining. I just don't like to work in rain. I am a true sunshine state citizen. So sue me.

I'm sure the city is wonderful to explore... but not having planned to be here and my social calendar booked up... as well as trying to keep a boyfriend happy, travel to the east coast is not ideal for me. I cannot wait to work in the west coast again.

OK folks, just an update. Poker at my house end of May. If you don't get your eVite, let me know!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Jenny vs. The Massachusettes Turnpike

Jenny 0; Turpike 2.

I give up. I can't handle turnpikes: not here, not in New Jersey, not anywhere!! The first time I was on the 90 West (Mass. Turnpike) was at 1am in the morning. I got through my first two tolls OK, when I came up to the the third and final toll - the one structure standing between me and my hotel room - the attendant asked for my ticket.

"Ticket?? What ticket??"

She smiled and politely asked for $2.40 - twice the amount I would have paid if I had a toll ticket.

"Oh," I sighed. " Was that the one toll booth without a person back there?"

She smiles again, patiently waiting for my money.

This morning, after taking the first 8-hour (thanks to a delay) red-eye in a decade, I went to the wrong booth and got on another highway, I had to go through an extra toll booth (for a total of 4) before arriving to my client site.

Turnpikes, you bastards! YOU WIN.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: Kitchen Remodel almost done!!!

The Bad: Am writing this blog at 11:50pm at a client site with no sign of going home...

The Ugly: Two weeks ago, the sewage pipes under my house, my driveway and to the city sewer were chock-ful of tree roots and started to back-up. Mr. Rooter used a trenchless pipe replacement system which was cool. However, the total unexpected cost to fix and repair: $27,000.