Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jenn Update - Working for Wine

Here I am thinking, I need to get a shout out to my little bro, Kyle.
Happy Birthday!! You're the best brother any gal could ever ask for!

It's March already. I am at a Starbucks, drinking my Split (half-caff) Grande Vanilla Latte, No Foam with Whip and realizing that I am addicted to blogs. Well at least the "Next Blog" button at the upper right hand corner. No, don't click on it yet... read on.

My next assignment is for one of the largest wineries in California. I will be meeting the client next week and leading workshops to go through their Compensation and Time&Labor requirements. Standard stuff, I guess if you're in my shoes. (Size 5 1/2 and cute as hell!)

Anyway, my Manager called and said that the people at Oracle reviewed my resume and something caught their eye and they want to talk to me. Could it be my accordion skills? *shrug* I know when I'm in trouble.

Am listening to iTunes radio -Club 777, 80's radio. Salt n' Pepper is singing "Oooh Baby, Baby... ah Push It!!" God, I remember teasing my bangs as high as it could go, the black lace, neon ripped shirts, all those bangles and earrings that got me detention. Where are those days?


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