Sunday, January 23, 2005

Jenn Update - January 2005: A Tale of Two Companies

Eighteen months is a slow death for a Company. I loved working for PeopleSoft. I mean I really, really loved the company, the people, the legendary bagels at PeopleSoft. I mourn her sudden, wretched death and consequent dismemberment.

Like a conquered nation, I am half of a company that now bows to Lords of Oracle. We are to worship Larry as the new god of all enterprise applications and database servers.

I have been offered a position with Oracle as Principle Consultant. My benefits have been cut at the knees. Alas, I have no choice but accept. I have a mortgage. I am addicted to traveling, fois gras, brand names and those cute one-of-a-kind napkin rings.

However, I count my blessings... but often wonder if those in the company who got the severance are better off. I sent out my resumes to all my contacts at: Join my network, if you dare.

This month my assignment is at HP in Palo Alto, CA. I am working with a group of 20, from all over the world and very demanding. I am doing some analysis for their world-wide variable compensation and stock administration programs. (I'd tell you guys more details but fear it might give you a stroke...) I am hosting a total of 14 all day sessions over a period of 3 weeks. It's challenging and though I feel like my brain is frying, I take comfort on my assignment end date.

Working in the bay area gives me a chance to see and hang out with Rich B and Camp. I've also been dancing at Swing Central - Kevin & Carla's venue. I ran into Rich U., Kim, Bill and others from the Frankie Cruise... ah.. memories. Speaking of the infamous cruise, I imagine that Ian is somewhere in the seven seas and hope to hear from him sometime soon. (For those who missed it last May, you can view the photos at: Jenny's Cruise Photos)

Know that I am well and that I survived another round of layoffs. Many, many thanks for prayers and support. OK, that's all for now, post or email your comments!


p.s. For those chicas that have anymore Jenn Update archives, please forward them to me so I can post! Thanks!


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