Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2007 New Year's Resolutions

Ok, here’s my new year’s resolutions – quickly jotted down and off the top of my head:

1) Lose about 20 lbs. I hate putting resolutions like this… but am going to the Philippines later this year and I need to look good.
2) Complete Kitchen Remodel – been watching too much HGTV
3) Complete Guest Bathroom makeover
4) Move the washer and dryer to the garage – I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time!
5) Host a BIG Poker night or Tournament at my place
6) Continue my Chick Day tradition
7) Approach business and life with greater thought
8) Serve as a volunteer in at least two (2) projects
9) Get my swing dancing friends to dance at my grandma’s nursing home
10) Lastly, celebrate my 40th Birthday party with as much fun, style and grace!!!

That’s it!! Wish me luck!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year One and All!!

It's that time again where I revisit and report on the New Years Resolutions I set out last year...

1. A resolution to my girlfriends: Resurrect Chick Day - ok, girls, it's bbbbaaaaaaaaaaacccck!!
Yes! I had a fun and successful Chick Day in May... and planning an 10th Year Anniversary party at my place to celebrate in September to have the same cake, lots of yummy appetizers and, most importantly, to view my Wedding Video from 10 years ago!!

2. A resolution for my buddies: Hold my first Poker Party at my house - ok, boys, look out for invites!!
Yes!! We did this at Chick Day! I gave my girl friends a mini Poker lesson! (Killed two resolutions with one party!)

3. A resolution for the Arts: Create my first oil painting in 14 years.
Nope. Didn't get to this.

4. A resolution for my Health: Less Soda and Caffine, More fruits and veggies.
Yes!! I cut down on the soda and got more fresh foods!

5. A resolution for my Home: Completely Organize my Home Office.
Nope - didn't get to organize as I like!

6. A resolutions for adventure and fun: Go whitewater rafting in Oregon.
Nope, not after my nightmare in Portland. Never again!

7. A resolution for the Iron Chef in me: Make pasta from scratch.
Yes! Made some basic egg noodles. No biggie. maybe I should go for ravioli next time!

8. A resolution for my Family: Remember to keep in touch/call/visit with my Grandma and my parents more often.
Yes! Called, wrote and visited as much as possible!

9. A resolution for my Finances: Restart my investment portfolios, the one Retirement Account that's sitting still.
Yes! New ING account!

10. A resolution for Exploration: Visit a new country. Herrang anyone?
Nope. No budget this past year...

Ok, now... I have to think about this year...

What's yours?