Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jenn vs. Newark International Airport

Jenny - 0; Newark - 2

This place sucks; a live limbo on Earth. Last week my flight was delayed 4 hours! I arrived in Portland at 1am PST/ 4am EST.

This week, the cute Brit sitting next to me takes my 60G Video iPod while I was sleeping! I wish he's SOD off!! Karma, go git 'im! (Serenity now!)

Here I am, sitting with my PM, waiting for a flight a delayed flight. It's only an hour delay - despite the hellish travel day due to the foiled terrorist plot in the UK. It'll never end. Freedom of travel has taken yet another blow in the head.

No water. No beverages. No shampoos. No lotions. No toothpaste. No lipgloss. Nothing liquid. In the UK, no eletronic gears at all. You can't bring your laptop or cell phone. Basically, you walk on the plane naked with your goverment-issued ID super-glued to your forehead. Yes, this is the future of travel and it is not pretty.

Well... at least I got upgraded to First Class, so all is not lost!

See you guys in L.A. this weekend! This girl is dancing her arse off!!!!!!


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