Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recap: 2008 New Year's Resolutions - How did I do??

OK, I haven't seen these in a while, so it'll interesting how I did on last year's 2008 New Years Resolutions

1. Be more forthright with people: YES. I think I did pretty good on this one.. yah.. I did.. damnnit!

2. Visit the Philippines. NO. All talk, no planning, makes Jenn a dull girl. My Mom is there right now...does that count?

3. No more Starbucks. NO. I was doing good until they came out with their signature hot chocolate line and I fell in love with the Starbucks Espresso Chocolate Truffle Hot Chocolate. Damn it's good.

4. Successfully hike the Kalalau Trail in Kauai. YES!! Man, that was awesome... even when I fell and rolled in mud as everyone laughed their ass off.

5. Keep on cooking! YES! Of course!

6. Go green. YES and NO. I'm still the recycleables-freak. I now recycle all the paper goods and junk mail I receive... but I haven't changed my light bulbs to the CFC light bulbs. I'll put that on my 2009 list.

7. Spend more time with my Godchildren. YES! Well Nathan and Elisa at least. Nathan comes over about every other month. I'd like to have more but his parents... are soooooo busy! (hint hint!!!) I had a wonderful fun filled summer with Elisa as well as Nicola and Imee - all came down for 2 months from France. God, what a fun summer that was!!

8. Exercise at least once a week. NO. Am exercising now, but was on the bench and too cheap to sign up with a gym.

9. Go back to Europe! NO.. but.. am going this June! Whoo hooo! I will go to France, Estonia, Finland and Russia (St. Petersburg).. and tentatively planning for either UK and/or Sweden to visit friends - but that may be too much on my plate already. We'll see! Look out for a postcard!

10. Go skydiving!!! NO... I flaked on Mariah...maybe next year?? :D

OK, so 5ish out of 10 aint' half bad.. get it? Half-bad... eh, ok.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Star Spotting: Kevin Sorbo

I got off my flight last Friday at Burbank and was walking towards Baggage Claim, when this, tall, unassuming Kevin Sorbo walks by. I am not one easily impressed, but even after all these years on TV, this man truly has that star presence.

He looked absolutely gorgeous and it took all my might not to drop all my bags to run and grab on to his leg! Yummo!