Friday, September 13, 2002

Zurich - Part Zwei

Hi everyone -

You miss these, don'tcha? OK, Tomorrow marks my 2nd month here. Below
is a
list of day-to-day observations I've noted over the past month:

- My car is a dime a dozen here. I see one every day. In front of
where I live, work, shop, etc; taunting me as I walk to work, to
trams or trains....

- Being caught in a tsunami-style downpour after spending the
scouring for my sunglasses is... now a normal occurrence for me. I
still haven't learned my lesson on "rapid changes in Swiss weather".
Most of the time, I arrive at my place soaked down to my...

- Pets are allowed everywhere, in every store, restaurant and in
modes of transportation. Say it's raining "cats and dogs" and a
dripping collie gets on the tram and is next to you, I've learned
screaming while the animal shakes the water of it's coat, is looked

- I've learned, the hard way, that everyone lines up to the side
not from behind. I've been cut in front of so many times that I
it. Also, the old folks here seem to have this "prima donna pass"
the front of the line. It's really ok with me, because once
start to insist you go first... that's bad.

- Since the weather is getting cooler, I'm beginning miss the
streaker or flasher.

- Lately, I'm starting to think that they don't show enough
porn on TV.

- Any sightings of PDA (public display of affection) here makes me
to take a cold shower. These always seems to occur in the tram
directly in front of me... and next to a wet dog.

- You can never have enough Swiss chocolate.

- Swiss men expect the woman to make the first move. I've been
old-fashioned. Huh, imagine that.

- There is something evil lurking behind all this Swiss efficiency.
example, the trams here are notoriously always on time. So after two
months here, if one comes even a minute late, I, along with the
citizens next to me, feel like we're gonna throttle the tram

- The tubs here are deep and big and can easily fit two people!...
at least, that's what I've heard. :)

- Rollerblading or riding your bike through the train station
and platforms is perfectly acceptable, as long as you don't hit

- Accordion players here suck. ;)

- The ultimate in Swiss efficiency is evident in their bathroom
1) Toilets have two flush mechanisms for #1 and #2 - I kid you not!
Their obsession over the perfect toilet lid cleaning contraption.
best one so far: After you've finished, you wave your hand over a
sensor, a contraptions pops out and the toilet seat starts to spin
around while this "doo-hicky-thingy" cleans it. What I've learned
don't accidentally wave your butt over the sensor.. that's really

Well, that's all I can think of for now. All in all, I am adusting
I go out swing dancing 3 times a week. My favorite is swinging in a
lakefront gazebo with candlights. I have a good set of new friends
that I
can go to dinner with.

I laugh to myself most of the time and make mental notes of the funny
things I see or experience. Well, am off to my vacation!! It's almost
a year, so am excited!! Am flying to Madrid, Spain, this Saturday and
not return from Lisbon, Portugal until October. I don't know what kind
access I will have - cybernetico cafes or what not. I will check emailand have my cell phone with me, don't know if it will work: 011-41-79-254-8069. I'll send post cards, reply if you want me to pick up anything.

Oh, and I've decided to stay here until next year. I am
considering/planning possible side trips with friends here, when time
allows. We are considering the following destinations: Istanbul,
Jordan, Lebanon, Cairo or the newest vacation spot: Beirut. Take care, miss
you guys,

Ich erlene ein wenig deutsches. Ich vermisse Sie and hoffe Sie anrufe