Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rockapella in Phoenix

Sherry, Karla, Wendy and I flew to Phoenix to see Rockapella perform at the Wigwam Resort. The resort was awesome. Per its namesake, one would expect some sort of tacky Wigwam-type lodging, but to our pleasant surprise, it was a spacious resort on beautiful grounds.

Sherry and I arrived the night before and we were happy to see a Cracker Barrel nearby, so we had our breakfast there. I love Cracker Barrel and wished there were more in California. I think there is one or two, but never seen one.

Membership has its privileges, so the Wigwam being a Starwood property and being Platinum member was a perfect marriage! I scored a us 2-bedrroom suite - it was almost like having our own house on the property. Giving us extra room to welcome Ryan, Veronica and Brady to stay with us!

The grounds were impeccable, you can always see a gardener working on the lawns or the beautiful roses that define this resort. Big plus is that they have an excellent steakhouse and an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa which Sherry and I booked the Aqua Duo Relaxation combo, we each started our treatments in our own rooms with big, jet tubs next to a fireplace. There were lemon & cucumber waters, teas and candied walnuts waiting for us. It was an relaxing milk-bath and I enjoyed every minute!

Before the concert, we ate a the property restaurant, Red's Steakhouse. I had a very tasty, ultra-satisfying meal. For starters, we each had house salad made of arugula, goat cheese, cranberries, pecans in a light vinaigrette. For the entrees, those of us who ordered the scallops, filet and NY strip polished our plates off - each were perfectly seared and cooked beautifully. The sides are served family style, we shared the cauliflower - served in a creamy white sauce and green beans with onions and fried pancetta - yum!

We all rushed to the ballroom where the concert was taking place. It was open seating and a line already started to form. When they let everyone in, I snakes pass a few couples was able to snag front row seats for all of us! The concert, as always, was fun, energetic and the boys were really on tonight.

At one point, Kevin even came down and danced with Sherry!! I was so happy for her, but got distracted then it was too late to get a picture darn! The smile on Sherry's face was priceless!

After the concert, we hung around for the meet and greet. One funny thing. The resort had spelled their name wrong. It was posted as "ROCKAKPELLA." So we all took WFT photos next to them... including Jeff!!

After everyone left, we went into the hotel lounge and had some drinks and dessert and just talked until we went back into the room and decided to stage a pillow fight - just for Kevin. (He mentioned earlier that a pillow fight between us gals would be a fantasy of his... lol) Well, there you go, Happy Birthday Kevin!!

All in all the weekend, like other Rockapella outings, went by too fast. I look forward to went they come down for their Christmas show at Rancho Cucamunga and at House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard!

To view all the photos from Phoenix, click here: 2008 Rockapella at the Wigwam


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Ok, so I'm finally reading this because I didn't want to read it and be influenced before writing up my own trip report. How funny that we picked many of the same pictures for the blog! I'm glad that you are part of my PellaPosse, and thanks for using your points on us!

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