Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BS at the Olympics

I am working from home, watching the Olympics on my DVR and my condolences go to Nastia Liukin. How can the 16-year old (yeah, right.. more like 13) Chinese gymnist, He Kexin, with visible errors during the program and on a hop on the landing get the same score as Liukin. Yet instead of a tie, she's placed 1st on Uneven Bars. Liukin was robbed!! Don't even get me going on the other Chinese gymnist who feel on her knees at the Vault and still won gold.

Why is the IOC accepting China's explanation (passports) when multiple reports indicate that the girl's ages (younger than 16) were well-known within the gymnastics community and on verified on internet sites that have since been closed down? China produces some passports and everything's good? Hasn't the IOC seen The Bourne Identity? Don't they know how easy it is to doctor a passport? Kids make fake IDs on Photoshop, and the biggest country in the world can't work up some phony paperwork? Like the IOC would ever believe the United States in the same situation.

Debate all you want about whether the age-requirement matters, that's not the point. The rule exists and therefore must be enforced. The IOC has chosen to look the other way and, as a result, has compromised the already-shaky integrity of Olympic gymnastics. Look at all the young women walking in from all the other countries then followed by these little kids with blue eye make-up? Like that's gonna fool the world. Hey, if those kids and that country can live with all the lies for a medal, I guess it's worth it. I mean, look at who lipsynced at the opening ceremonies - she was the real singer, right? NOT!!

Anyway, BIG kudos to Shawn and Nastia - you guys handled everything with utmost grace and you definitely rock!!