Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Godchild Elisa

My Godchild, Elisa, just celebrated her 4th birthday! She has been planning her birthday party for months!! I sent her a dress and she is just so darn adorable that I had to post her picture! Mommy Imee, daddy Denis and brother Nicola are doing fine!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Marc & Jenn conquer Eel River

Marc & I spent three days and two nights on the Eel River. Both of us completely unplugged (no laptops or cellphones!!). We didn't see anyone else on the river, save the group we were with. Our fearless leader, Chuck, led the way. On the 2nd rapid, the canoe dumped out Marc on one side and flipped me out on the other. There were a quite a few scary rapids and tricky spots.

There was one scary moment for me when my head was kept underwater (against my will) for a few seconds. I lost my hat, sunglasses and the current was strong enough to take both contacts as well! No worries, they're disposable.

Otherwise, it was beautiful weather to be on the river and we had some great hikes up to old abandoned train stations and other structures. We know how to spot poison oak (leaves of three, leave it be!) - it has seemingly mal-deformed kid-glove leaves. A stray dog even followed us for several miles down the river!! We made sandwiches for lunch, we grilled marinated rib-eye steaks for dinner the first night and had cheeseburgers the next! Windy nights made for great cuddling! :)

After we left the river and said our goodbyes to our fellow paddlers, we headed to Napa! I immediately signed up for a massage while Marc opted to channel surf in the room. We had a deservingly decadent room service dinner, great wine tasting and conversation at Merryvale winery and super fabulous gourmet lunch at the Culinary Institute of America - Greystone in Yountville. Marc even bought me a CIA chef's jacket!!

All in all, we had so much fun and this vacation was way too short. One thing for sure, we are coming back!!

To see our pictures, click here.

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