Sunday, April 30, 2006

Big Love

Once again, I hear these words at Dawn and David's wedding the following verse from Corinthians:

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

Those verses never ceases to cause my eyes to brim with tears at weddings. I am reminded of what I am doing well and where I fail in my understanding of love. It constantly surprises, disappoints, challenges and puts to test all I have learned, experienced and felt in the matters of my heart.

I blog this only because in the last week, like some unexpected synergy in my life, the men in who have touched and somehow firmly secured a little piece of my heart have all contacted or made a point to see me in some way in the last week. Some have broken my heart, most more than once. Like a pendulum they seem to swing back into my life only to be to leave again - due to strange circumstance, at my insistnance, or with a long email or written note of how their hearts have no room, at this point in time, for me.

Yet here we are together again. I feel like the character Carrie, from Sex in the City, would type on her laptop: "Can one truly keep no record of wrong in their heart?"

Girls, I look forward to Chick Day. We'll talk until we laugh or cry... and drink to those whom our hearts cannot forget, cannot let go or often and blindly forgives again and again.

See you soon. Love, Jenn.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mt. Echo Hike

The other week, Jason invited me to do the Mt. Echo up to the Echo Mountain House ruins. We did a short, 3-mile Roundtrip, hike back in January, Mt. Hollywood. This was over 7 miles and the elevation would go from 1800 to 3400. So basically, the first hour and a half is the Stairmaster from hell. Nevertheless, we did it, survived and were treated to some pretty awesome views.

To do the hike, take the Lake Avenue exit north until it ends or bends to the left. Park and follow the road up to the hike start marker. There will be a guest book and a map to all the trails - Mt. Echo, Sunset Ridge Trail, etc.

Bring water and like us, you can pack a light lunch/snack at the top.

Below is the areal photograph of the Mount Echo House resevior (circle) and surrounding grounds. There is a lot of plaques and information with pictures of all the buildings and tram house that used to be up there. A little bit of Angelino history.

Click here to see all the photos.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ducks Gone Wild!!

Below is a photo taken in April at my last conference at the Disneyland Hotel. That Donald, he's such a pla-yah!!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why you don't sleep in the buff in hotels...

Fire alarms at 3am.

I had such a nice evening. A farewell dinner with co-workers at Newport Seafood Grill. Shared good calamari and crabcakes appetizers. Had their awesome, perfectly done filet and topped the night off with (shared) Creme Brulee, Ice Cream Cake and the most perfectly tart Lemon Pound Cake I've ever tasted!!

Rasaq and I are the only onces who had wine. I chose a local and very tasty Oregon Pinot Noir. (Remember my low tolerance level, if and when I remember the winery, I'll post.) It started out as a relaxing night and I continued it with a Orange/Manderine bubble bath (thanks Mariah!). Afterwhich, a little bit of X-Files and I was sleeping like a baby.

At least until the bright flashing red lights and blaring alarm started sounding around 3am this morning!! I was having such a good, deep sleep. It was so unexpected that when it happened, I found myself slightly disoriented. I remember wondering if I was dreaming or it was real. A few more seconds and my eardrums starting to throb made it real enough.

What does one think about while prancing around in your hotel room naked? My first thought, as I assessed myself in the mirror: Oh God, my hair! It's a mess!! I quickly try to calm the matted beast. I grab a towel, wet it and wipe my face. I search for clean undies, my jeans and throw on a sweater.

Do I check for smoke? NO
Do I feel the door? NO

I scan around for what to grab.

Hotel Key?
Got it.

Got it.

Nah, Coach Red doesn't really match my powder pink Guess sweater.

Laptop Backpack?
Nah, too friggin heavy. Company will get me a new one if it frys.

Anything else?
Too tired to think, just get the $%^&* out of the room, my ears are killing me!!

I go to the door, no smoke, nothing.
I go down using the stairways.
I get out and join the other 100+ zombies trolling the downtown Portland streets.

We stand in the cold, night air for 45 minutes.
I feel awfully sorry for the older, british couple in their short PJs.
I check my email, nothing new since 10pm.
I call my friends in the East Coast, I talk to their voicemails.

This is probably the 4th time I've gone through a hotel fire alarm - be it false or small kitchen fire. They were OK, the latest being 11pm. I look around and see the different kinds of clothing, sleepwear, laptop roller bags, tossed hair, etc. and secretly laugh to myself.

Suddenly and without warning, everyone starts to move towards the lobby. I wait another 15 mintues before I can get on an elevator. Stairs were locked.

I get back into my room, strip everything off and wearily fall back to sleep.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How Was French Class? Tres Bien!!

French class was good.. I think.. and a little hard! The class consisted, as expected, by mostly older folks who are going to vacation in France.. or
as I discovered... senior show offs!! (can you believe?) Almost all the folks there had previous lessons and actually know more French than they let on.

Me and the only other younger person there, Elena, (from Madrid and very nice) are the true newbies. Anyway, the method is.. total immersion. The teacher, which I think is fantastic, could barely speak English. She was speaking and we were answering in French almost exclusively, especially for a first lesson. I was a little petrified, but somehow, she was happy as I butchered the French Language.

Both the French Lesson book and exercise workbook are all in French... and throughout the night, I could feel myself having a little panic attacks. Oh, well, we don't have lessons next week because the teacher is in a seminar, so I will keep practicing everynight!

Bien! A bientot!! Tchao!!

(Great, see you soon, bye!!)

Hope, Bowling and Eavesdroppings

Hi guys, just random thoughts and happenings from this past weekend:


I visited my Grandma or mama, as we call her, at the nursing home. She always has the same reaction of disbelief everytime I visit her. "I was praying you would come." I am happy to see her, happy to lavish gifts and give my time to her on Sundays. It constantly annoys (and at times, angers me) me that no one other family than my mom, brother, aunt and uncle will give more of themselves and their time to devote to my lonely and sad grandmother, but enough of that.

During our little Sunday brunch, we were treated to a group of young singers and tap dancers performing for well over an hour. I was impressed that this group had no adults guiding them on, that they performed happily and with everything they had. Almost each took turns playing the guitar and after their performance, they went around and talked to the residents of the nursing home. I was very impressed and it have me new hope for today's youth.

Jason won 2-1 during our first practice for my company's Junior Acheivement Bowl-a-Thon... and you know, I hate to lose. Both of us hit a couple of doubles, but no turkey, well, unless you count me. :)

(Email me if you would like to donate to this worthy cause.)


I got the following email from my realtor who helped sell my condo in Solana Beach:

"Hi Jenny,

You and your adventures keep me laughing. I was at California Adventure with one of my daughters yesterday. Here we are standing in line for the tower of terror. Of course you can’t help but listen to the conversations going on around you.

The people behind us are discussing going on The amazing race, and who would be good to be partnered with who. The say Jenny De La Cruz would be great with so and so. It is just such a small world. They don’t just say Jenny, but your full name. Anyway, they were some friends from Peoplesoft, and then we were moved to different lines. I think you would be perfect on the Amazing Race, you are so well traveled, level-headed, and now learning French. Keep blogging, it makes me smile.

All the best,


Wow!! Can you believe it!! I was so excited to get this email!